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Physical Education
Name: LouAnn Aspoas
First Year Teaching: 17 years District Wide
Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: Seeing students growth in skills, knowledge of the game, self confidence, and life time goals.

Name: Sandy Chesley
First Year Teaching: 1980
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: Working with students of all abilities to grow in motor skills, peer interactions and recreation/leisure skills.

Name: Brenda Deterling
First Year Teaching: 1979-1980 in Cromwell,MN
Hometown: Brule, Wisconsin
What I like best about teachingMy students have a passion for the Arts. To see them create something never seen or done before because they analyze, evaluate and then create ideas new and better than before!

Name: Yvonne Smith
First Year Teaching: 1985
HometownLubbock, Texas (born in East Texas near Denton, Texas)
What I like best about teachingI get the opportunity to work with the children and make beautiful music together.

Picture Coming Soon...
Name: Brian Schilling
First Year Teaching: 2002
Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching:I enjoy teaching students how to find books in the library that they will enjoy to read. I think reading is an incredible journey that can take you very far in life. I like seeing the faces of students who tell me about books they love. I also enjoy teaching computers and technology because there are so many creative things that can be done.

Math and Reading Interventionist, 4th and 5th grade
Name: Scott Anderson
Hometown: Duluth, MN