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Name: Janelle LeVoir

Name: Lindsey Martinson
First Year Teaching: 2013 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, 2014 Piedmont
Hometown: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: I enjoy the growth children make each day in their academics.  I also love coming to school each morning to a classroom full of smiling students ready to learn!



Name: MaryKay Perttula
First Year TeachingI have been with Duluth Public Schools for 6 years.  I taught 2 years of Head Start at Lowell, in between I taught 2 years of Title 1 at Churchill in Cloquet, then back to Piedmont where I began as Kindergarten, 2 years of 1st, and now currently in Kindergarten.
Hometown: Cloquet, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching
I love the excitement learning brings when a students understands and opens their curiosity to go further.

Name: Heidi Owens