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Fifth Grade

Name: Loni Lyons
Teaches: Science and Social Studies

Teaching CareerMy first job out of college was teaching 5th grade at Four Corners Elementary. After that, I left the States and was an elementary teacher and head of the middle school in Clark, Philippines for Nacel Open Door (an American School). I then helped start a new school in
Guiyang, China for Nacel Open Door. After coming back to the States, I taught first grade at Pike Lake Elementary, and then was the Title III Program Coordinator and teacher for the Superior School District. In the fall of 2014, I became a proud member of Piedmont's RtI team, and joined the 5th grade team in 2017.
Hometown: Proctor, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: The students! Getting to know each student, their interests and the way they each learn best, and getting to watch them excel to new levels.

Name: Lynn Thompson
Teaches: Math

Name: Stacy Johnson
Teaches: Reading