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Second Grade

Name: Kathy Akervik
First Year Teaching: 1998 at Lincoln Park K-8 School
Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching:I love to observe the progress students make throughout the school year!  I love building relationships and classroom community.  Every day is fun and interesting and I enjoy listening to students creative thoughts and ideas.  It's a rewarding career!

 Justin Chumich

Name: Kari Solarz
First Year Teaching: 2011
Hometown: Wrenshall, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: What I enjoy the most about teaching is watching the students grow in their achievements as the school year progresses. It is really amazing to see the gains of where a student will start and end the year. 

Name: Megan Anderson
First Year Teaching: 2013
Hometown: Alexandria, Minnesota
What I like best about teaching: Watching students grow and learn throughout the year.  They change so much in one year it is amazing!