Piedmont is a community elementary school providing 21st Century classrooms and facilities, experienced teaching staff and excellent educational programs. Our school community strives to provide high achievement for all and a welcoming environment for everyone.

ISD 709 Elementary Schools Provide:
  • Free All Day, Every Day Kindergarten
  • 90 minutes reading plus 30 minutes writing each day
  • 70 minutes math plus 10 minutes facts/computation fluency in grades 2-5
  • Art, Music, Phy.Ed. Media
  • Advanced academic opportunities and comprehensive interventions to boost reading and math skills
  • Guidance and support to help students learn responsibility, citizenship and respect
  • Parent and community partnerships to support education.
2014 Go Guide - Guide to Summer Opportunities For Youth

  Volunteer Opportunity

If you are interested in being a regular volunteer reading tutor or  a special event volunteer for literacy events at Piedmont, please contact Jaime Jost,

Volunteer Coordinator, Minnesota Reading Corps

(218) 336-8950 x2812 

Email: jaime.jost@duluth.k12.mn.us

Follow on Twitter to learn about volunteer opportunities and events: @duluthreading

Piedmont  Garden

Come one, come all! 

We are looking for motivated individuals who want to give back to the Piedmont school by helping plan,
create, and maintain a school garden. With ideas and goals from student teacher Benjamin Stay, we would like to start a committee that will head up the planning process of the school garden. There are several goals that we are striving for over the next few years. The main goal that we want to achieve with students is for them to take the knowledge from our school garden and transfer that knowledge to their own home gardens. A school garden gives the young people in the community an opportunity to understand connections with nature, learning, cooperativeness, and responsibility. A garden can give a sense of belonging to one’s community. 

If you are interested in joining this dedicated group, please contact Piedmont Elementary Office at:(218) 336-8950

Piedmont’s Title I Parent Involvement Committee
Piedmont Elementary School is looking for interested parents to serve on Piedmont’s Title I Parent Involvement Committee.  The focus of this committee is to build a strong parent/school partnership for the good of Piedmont students.  If you are interested please call the Piedmont office at 218.336-8950

                         Meetings are 2:30-3:15pm and are held in the Piedmont Media Center

 Meeting dates: September 30, October 21, November 18, December 11, January 27February 24,  March  24, April 21, May 19.

                                                  Principal: Becky Jo Gerdes  (becky.evers-gerdes@duluth.k12.mn.us)
School Secretary:  Diana Stratioti
  2827 Chambersburg Ave, Duluth, MN 55811
Phone:  218-336-8950
Fax:  218-336-8954

Elizabeth Kersting -Peterson, Piedmont Elementary,

presented at the 2013 National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) STEM Forum & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri.  Over 300 sessions encompassing disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for pre-kindergarten through grades 12 teaching levels and administration were included at the Expo.